* Welcome to Bear Bait Racing's Iracing Division

Bear Bait Racing has been an online racing league since the end of 2010 using Nascar Racing 2003 Season, while that is a great simulator, the NR2003 driver pool is just too small for BBR to keep it's ranks full and run the kind of competitive racing it's members are looking for.

We have made the decision to start this, the iRacing division of BBR, to take advantage of iRacing's modern simulation and vast pool of members to hopefully create a friendly, respectful, but highly competitive racing series.

The most important qualities that BBR drivers have in common are a real sense of sportsmanship, integrity, and respect for their fellow competitors, we want to race, we want to race hard, we want to win, but not at the expense of our values and our friendships.

For as much time and dedication that one might invest in online racing, at BBR it is ultimately about having fun.

We enjoy building friendships and trust with our fellow competitors and when you have that trust, it makes racing hard that much more fun, because when fenders do get bent, and races do get lost because of a wreck, you know it was good clean hard racing, not a cheap shot to intentionally take you out.

We have not put together what will be our iRacing rules yet, sorry, that will come, but it will not be a thick rule book, we do not believe you need to have a rule written for every specific bad behavior possible, we cover that under general sportsmanship, so if you never see an actual rule that states you cannot intentionally wreck another person, it's because we feel that goes without saying... doesn't it?

If this sounds like you, sign up here and also shoot us a join request at our iRacing BBR League page.

August 02, 2014, 12:02:35 pm by James Troeger | Views: 636 | Comments: 0

QT Plus Trifecta Leads Sigmon to 2014B Season Championship

Concord Speedway served as the final venue of Bear Bait Racing’s Kicken’ Asphalt Super Late Model (SLM) Series 2014B season. Located in the heartland of American short track racing, Concord’s ½ mile tri-oval sits in close proximity to many of NASCAR’s most prominent race teams. The track’s unique tri-oval design is not for the weak of heart, however, as it presents varied degrees of banking and turn radius’ in each of the chutes and turns. This combination makes chassis setup a critical component of the overall race strategy for any racer who desires a stable, drivable setup capable of achieving fast low ET laps and navigating traffic.

For the second week in a row, driver turnout was low for the week’s white-knuckled SLM racing action. “Real-life” activities such as vacations, opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, real life racing commitments, etc. combined to result with only four driver’s turning out to try their hand at taming the Concord Beast. Sigmon captured the top qualifying spot on the grid for his 10th consecutive week, followed by Matthews, Olafson, and Troeger.

With only 4 drivers in the field, the yellow flag was limited to four appearances for a total of 19 laps. Sigmon commanded the largest number of laps led with 141, while Matthews and Troeger both picked up bonus points for leading 7 and 2 laps respectively. Olafson was the first to fall following a mishap on lap 72 that left him with too much damage to continue. Troeger had a solo mishap a handful of laps later that required significant repairs to complete and put him 32 laps below the leaders. As the checkered flag waved, it was Sigmon who found himself in the top spot, completing not only weekly trifecta but also bringing home the BBR KA season championship. This championship marks Sigmon’s 6th overall series win with the Kicken’ Asphalt Series, though it is his first championship since Kicken’ Asphalt joined forces with Bear Bait Racing, making this championship a special accomplishment in his storied racing career.

The BBR KA series will not be taking a break as they will travel to Florida and the home of the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing, New Smyrna Speedway, on August 6th. This ½ mile oval features 23 degree banking allowing for high speeds and significant G-forces through the turns.
July 25, 2014, 07:00:52 pm by James Troeger | Views: 619 | Comments: 0

Two in a Row for Sigmon

America’s first paved oval, Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park, served as the stage for the Bear Bait Racing Kicken’ Asphalt Series’ Week 11 activities.  Affectionately known as the “Indy of the East,” the track stands at 5/8 mile in length and offers drivers ample opportunity to attain high speeds thanks to its hefty 26 degree banking.  A combination of the mid-summer blues and rough weather across the north resulted in low turnout, with only four drivers making an appearance in hopes of following in the footsteps of NASCAR legends.
For the 9th week in a row, Sigmon demonstrated a firm command of his #06 Gatorade G Series machine by capturing the top position on the grid. Other drivers to qualify for the event included Olafson, Hrgon, and Troeger.

The caution flag flew early as light contact between Hrgon and Olafson on lap 8 resulted in Hrgon greeting the inside wall with sufficient force to end his efforts for the evening.  Troeger benefitted from the melee, snagging the lead for 12 laps before being overtaken by Sigmon.  Troeger later committed a solo error while exiting turn 4 and found himself 27 laps down by the time his crew made the car drivable.  Though Olafson led for a total of 36 laps, it was ultimately Sigmon who took home the checkered flag and the honor of most laps led with 102 laps at the front of the field. 

The BBR Kicken’ Asphalt series  wraps up the 2014B season July 30th when they travel to North Carolina to tame the tri-oval of Concord Speedway and determine who will be crowned as the season champion.
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